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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Google Quietly Removes Author Stats From Google Webmaster Tools Labs

In December 2011, Google launched author stats within Google Webmaster Tools, giving those who used authorship across sites, statistics on how well their content did. Author stats were unique in that it would show you how many impressions and clicks your content received not on a site by site basis but rather across all sites you wrote at. Google has removed the feature quietly yesterday, as Glenn Gabe reports.
Since I write over here and other sites, it would show me stats on all my stories, no matter where. Here is a screen shot from 2012 showing my author stats across sites:
We asked Google for a comment about the removal of author stats yesterday, but Google has yet to respond to our request for a comment. We are unsure if this is a bug or a permanent change but we are expecting this to be more permanent.
Back in late June, Google dropped author images from the Google search results and the author stats have not updated since July 9th. So Google dropped author stats comes as no surprise to many.
Again, Google has not confirmed why the tool has been removed, but here are screen shots showing how the link use to be there, is no longer there.

Source : http://searchengineland.com/google-quietly-removes-author-stats-google-webmaster-tools-labs-199124 


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