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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes SEO is Just SEO

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the growing complexity of SEO. I’m guilty of this myself.
However, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that there is value in the same SEO we’ve been doing for years. I’ve had a reminder like this recently that I’d like to share (well, within reason… I can’t share all the details).

Here is the broad match traffic from one keyword phrase (includes filter).

1 6 traffic Sometimes SEO is Just SEO
That represents a million dollars lift in revenue for a product line.
How was it done?
Step #1 – Find keywords sending traffic, but there isn’t a dedicated landing page. Pick a single keyword from that list that has strong (and broad) traffic and a product line behind it.
Step #2 – Make a single page, target it, slap the products on it.
Step #3 – Build internal links to it by adding links on content you can control.
Step #4 – After some red tape, get page linked to on a valuable internal page you don’t control.
Step #5 – Redesign / relaunch page for better CRO.
Step #6 – Acquire links from 20 domains.
Some days I really love SEO.
Tactically plugging holes may not be as sexy, but it can be valuable.

Resource Link : http://justinbriggs.org/sometimes-seo-is-just-seo


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