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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Surviving Social Media: Avoid to 5 Mistakes

When I have described Twitter posts, the consumer snapped: “We tried it. People networking do not work!”

I’ve observed that before. After the conference, I checked the controversial Twitter posts consideration – what there was of it. 20 unique tweets over three several weeks.

If you think that social press is not operating for you, it’s time to take a near look at what you are doing.

Could you prevent these mistakes?
Avoid to 5 Mistakes

Mistake 1. Lack of planning

Are you planning your social networking campaigns? For best results, incorporate public networking into the rest of your promotion – public networking should be part of all your promotion efforts.

You can:

Integrate public networking with search engine optimization (SEO). Create content around your promotion plans, and use public networking to motivate engagement;

Integrate public networking with your promotion via email. Ask questions, then motivate recipients to respond on public networking. Again, this encourages involvement with your brand;

• Integrate public networking with activities. What activities are coming up? An “event” can be anything at all. May be you are Begin a product, or are scheduled for a trade show… If you are supporting a sports team, twitter update and post about upcoming matches.


Mistake 2. Impatience

Your social networking records take time to develop. Five supporters and likes become 51, and then 501.

Tip: buying supporters does not work. Your records will develop naturally, as you enhance your existence, and interact with on the systems.

Mistake 3. Engage Failure

Social networking is social. Be available, and involved. Motivate your clients and leads to talk to you. Reply to issues. Ask questions.

Consider providing discounts, and running competitions.

Woo box focuses primarily on social promotions; it’s used by two million manufacturers. Visit their site. They offer many ways for you to interact with your clients and create new supporters.


Mistake 4. Hashtag dumping

You have seen hash tags: terms beat by the “#” hash indication which recognize information on a particular subject. Although they are useful, they are unpleasant and complicated when they control a concept.

Use them as they are intended to be used, and make your own to recognize unique offers. If you are operating a Xmas image competition for example, you could ask people to publish an image with a unique hashtag, such as mychrispic. Your hashtag can be anything you choose. Keep it short, and recognizable – make sure it’s not already in use.


Mistake 5. Wordiness

Whatever system you are on, keep your information brief. Connect pictures to your messages: they get more re-tweets and Prefers. People surf public media; pictures capture interest.
On Tweets, you have got 140 figures, or around 25 terms for a concept. Do not use all 140 figures. Keep area for re-tweets.
You have more area on other systems. Google+ gives you lots of room for your information, but even there, use a mix of brief information, with the periodic longer publish.
On Pinterest, pictures are vital; they are the key to repines and involvement.
If you feel that public networking is not working for you; try again. You may find out a highly effective new promotion.


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